We are back!!!!! Algebra All stars- Novels- Debates and we travel to Ancient Greece!

Hello everyone! We have missed you all so much! We are back- please tune in to see our weekly posts. We have had a TON of changes here, and are doing the most amazing work in Room 108! Spring is trying to sprout here in Chicago but we think it’s jackets and sweaters for a few more weeks.


Algebra All Stars- Exponential Growth and Functions- 8th Grade 

Wow! What a unit- we are exploring exponents, exponential growth- decay and functions. Following our 90% hands on and or creative curriculum promise we made to ourselves this year we set about on some Algebra challenges. Miss Baldocchi began our unit by posing a question- here it is


Most of us choose the $100.00 but then we watched the legend of the gain of rice and tried this theory out ourselves- Wow!!!! We were shocked!!!!!

IMG_0473_2 IMG_0474_2 IMG_0426 IMG_0425

Then we took out our trusty chess board ( 101 uses!!!) and tried the theory ourselves

IMG_0437 IMG_0430 IMG_0431 IMG_0432 IMG_0429 IMG_0427

This we discovered is Exponential Growth! Simply amazing! We went on to learn and practice- growth- decay and the functions of exponents. We learned the “Laws of Exponents”. We love Algebra!!!! Our mid term was to calculate a Zombie Apocalypse-  it was awesome!


Ratio and Proportions – 6th and 7th Grades 

While our 8th grade buddies are plugging away 6th and 7th has been learning all about ratios, proportions, and proportional relationships! There are literally limitless ways you can learn about these concepts and another fav of ours ( UNIT RATES!!!!!) using hands on and real world experiences.  We took over 150 photos of this unit ( yes – we love the camera! 🙂 ) Here are just a few ways we show mastery and meaning!

IMG_9334 IMG_9328 IMG_9327 IMG_9331 IMG_9325 IMG_8844

We no longer tell anyone we are bad at math!!!!!!! This unit was so much fun and we are not over with it yet!

Math Intervention as “Out of the box” as we can make it! 

Some of us are still working on personal math goals and sharpening basic operations- we built these cool “operation hangers” so we can have a visual, tactile and concrete way to learn. They are not fancy, pretty or expensive but THEY WORK!!! Here is a shot of them.


The Lightning Thief and our travels to Ancient Greece! 

Our latest novel for grades 6-7- and 8th is Percy Jackson the “Lightning Thief” By Rick Riorden. Miss B had planned 3 different novels for this reading unit but when the rest of us hearing the 6th graders talk about it we demanded a change! This is our favorite novel of the year and we are so enthralled with Percy’s journey that Miss B ordered the rest of the series for us!!!!! The novel delves into Ancient Greek culture and we learn about the Gods. Miss B loaded us up on all things ancient Greek! We studied Greek Math and Science , are learning the alphabet and are in love with all things Greece

IMG_9316 IMG_9315 IMG_9121 IMG_9123 IMG_9124 IMG_9120

Writer’s Workshop Reaches New Heights! 6-7-8

We are serious authors and poets in Room 108. We decided that we needed a designated writing area that was only for drafting ideas, writing, editing, revising and publishing. Welcome to our new 6+1 Writing Center!

IMG_9322 IMG_9321 IMG_0487 IMG_0486_2

IMG_9260 IMG_9319

We have been hard at work on the “Idea” and “Fluency” traits- here is our new visual aide- “THE RAFT” 

IMG_9318 IMG_9257 IMG_9259

We have been writing up a storm- if you come visit please make sure to ask to see our portfolios!

IMG_9313 (1) IMG_9312 IMG_0490 IMG_9245 IMG_8967


Debate Over What Counts ! 

Twice a week we have “moral centers” Miss B sets up an issue- we study both sides to an issue and then pick a side and debate/ argue our point.  Here are some shots of an issue hitting Chicago this winter!

IMG_0461 IMG_8930 IMG_0459 IMG_0458 IMG_0474 IMG_0477_2 IMG_8807


We then created a podcast of our debate!

Odds and Ends-

We are still using our core social skills and have weekly sessions, we are still incorporating art into our social emotional time !


IMG_8998 IMG_8999

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

Miss B’s Crew

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