Ethics, Marble Madness Fractions, and Baldocchi’s Book Club!!!!!


Hello Everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

We are thrilled – we had a GREAT week! This week 7th grade began fractions. We decided to take a different approach and Ms. B had us do activities with glass marbles to help us “see and do ” parts of a whole! We totally got it!!!! We also used two different colored marbles to signify fractions. Here are some shots of us doing the lab

photo photo photo


We also had out book fair this week. Scholastic puts on our book fair. It is a great time!!! This year we had a really fantastic selection of book for teens! Miss B bought us each our own book! We got to choose any book we wanted and then we decided that we really liked the books everyone picked out so we had a GREAT idea!! We started our own book club! We are calling it Baldocchi’s book club. We are starting with our own book, when we finish we are going to write a rating on the inside of the front cover and then we are going to recommend it to someone in class. They will read the book and then repeat the process until we have read ALL 14 books! At the end of the year we get our original book back to take home as a remembrance of the school year! Here are some shots of us selecting our novels , our first book club meeting, and the first review!!!!

photo photo photo photo photo




Tiffany choose and read “Jefferson’s Sons” by Kimberly Baker Bradley. It is a historical fiction novel about a founding fathers secret children!!!! A MUST read- plus it ties into 8th grade common core!!!


In 8th grade we are more than halfway through the novel “Freedom Writers” and we ALL passed the midterm!!!! This book has been amazing!!! EVERYONE loves this book! That has NEVER happened in our room!!!! This book serves as the perfect platform to discuss “real life” issues and situations. This past week we focused on ethical issues and explored our thoughts and ideas about raising children and how we interpreted quotes. Here are some shots of this!

photo photo photo photo photo


Until next time we leave you with a challenge- START YOUR OWN BOOK CLUB!!!!!


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